Luxury Airport Shuttles operate a specialist fleet of quality European minibuses and cars, offering the best in passenger comfort and safety. As well as airport and city transfers we can also offer passenger transport services for a wide range of users.

*Note – Luxury Airport Transfers are always included in the cost of any Slovenian Luxury Tours purchase.


Airports in Slovenia

Airport Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana (Brnik)
Airport Maribor
Airport Portorož

Airports near Slovenia

Airport Zagreb (HR) (Airport Zagreb – opis dostopa na letališče v .pdf pbliki)

Airport Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Trst (I)
Airport Venice (I)
Airport Venice – Marco Polo (I)
Airport Venice – Treviso (I) (Airport Treviso – opis dostopa na letališče v .pdf pbliki)

Airport Klagenfurt (A)
Airport Graz (A)